Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Don't you know that birds do not fly freely here?
When they do fly, it is behind a dark cloud
On the other side of the river bank
Or behind skulls of head hunters
Watching the tide and not noticing the rise.

Do you know that birds do not fly freely here
When they do fly, it is in words safe and sound
In verse in the poet's work
Where poetry is not soft word
But loud alarms of revolt wanting to be heard

Don’t you know that birds will not fly freely here?
Only cautiously for they are filled with fear
Of head hunters filed out like street signs
Ready to De-wing any bird
Wanting to fly near

Don’t you know that a bird told me
That she can no longer come near
To open her pretty wings.
That she cannot show me beautiful things
nor will she lay her colorful eggs here

Because the head hunters are here
Ready to kill beautiful birds flying near
To appease little gods wanting to be God
And sometimes they go as far as;
Leaving the kill in an open space
A lesson to any such bird wanting to fly

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