Thursday, February 9, 2012


Even the color black
Will not agree with your recent notion
To take back, to betray our novel conduit
To be what is, is who we are now
We are none lesser of what was
Than what was is the better
Neither are you more than what is
We are persons first
Before we are curtailed into a culture
Before we are limited to her limits
Refined so we can be defined as a culture
Imprisoned for good or bad reason
Is culture the thing ,one must truly fear?
A word that impregnates us
Or is she our painful impregnation
I have looked deeper in her eyes
She is not always beautiful
She has the ugliness about her
The maligned spasm that pops up
And points a finger to teach to give lesson
To punish in her name
That is where they take advantage
That is where they lay and wait the gladiators
In the belly of her ugliness
To do such ugly things on her behalf

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